• Personal service
  • Attractive atmosphere
  • Good travel connections and parking
  • Doctor-patient contact at untypical times
  • Efficient scheduling in case of multiple examinations
  • Numerous medical specialists under one roof
  • Interdisciplinary development of concepts for diagnostics and therapy
  • Quick and uncomplicated exchange of information between the specialist fields
  • High standard of medical and laboratory technology
  • Use of minimally invasive examination and treatment methods
  • Ultrasound examinations, orthopaedic, angiological, gynaecological, urological, endocrinological and gastroenterological diagnostics
  • Access to endoscopic examinations: gastroscopy, cystoscopy, colonoscopy
  • Extensive radiological examinations available at a nearby radiological cooperation partner: MRT, CT, etc.
  • Complementary offers for physiotherapy and health care products

Location and travel connections


The RMMC medical specialist centre is located in the centre of the state capital Wiesbaden, opposite the state theatre and very close to the Kurhaus. Sufficient parking spaces are available directly opposite the building or just a one minute’s walk away. Frankfurt/Main Airport is 15-20 minutes‘ drive from the centre.

Experience the benefits of our exceptional service for yourself. Our aim is to make you feel well.

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