Supplementry Modules

If indications for further diagnostics emerge from the basic program, the RMMC offers supplementary modules that purposefully expand or complete the previous examinations.

Of course, different examination packages can be arranged according to request, individual health disposition and personal information requirement.

  • Cardio MRI (open MRI)
  • Angio CT and Angio MRI (open MRI)
  • Full-body MRI (open MRI)
  • Gastroscopy, total colonoscopy
  • Blood vessel check
  • Joint and spine check
  • Urological check
  • Gynecological check
  • Rheumatological check
  • Hormone check
  • Osteoporosis check, bone density measurement
  • Lung health check, lung CT
  • Allergy testing
  • eye examination
  • ENT examination
  • Skin check, computer dermatoscopy